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Today’s deck contractors have a variety of deck materials and designs to choose from. These materials include pressure treated wood, redwood or cedar, exotic woods, vinyl, composite and aluminum. Our team of experts can help you decide which is best for you depending on your design and budget needs.

Pressure Treated wood

Pressure treated wood is the most popular deck building material today accounting for nearly 75% of all new decks built. It’s readily available, easy to cut and easy to fasten with nails or screws. Pressure treated lumber is the least expensive material other than non-treated wood. The draw back is that is can warp, crack or split and requires staining and sealing every few years.

Redwood or Cedar

Many naturalists prefer Redwood or Cedar over other materials. These western softwoods are valued for their color and natural beauty and because they don’t need chemical treatment. Both the Redwood and Cedar contain oils and tannin that make them naturally resistant to decay and infestation of insects. Cedar and Redwood require re-finishing every 3 to 4 years.

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods such as mahogany, teak and tiger wood are but a few available for decking. These woods have rich grains, are extremely hard and durable. Tropical hardwoods are heavy and difficult to cut and fasten. In most parts of the country their cost is comparable of redwood or cedar.


Composite decking is highly resistant to splintering, warping or rot and is extremely low-maintenance. These attributes have contributed to its popularity and it’s become the fastest growing deck material in recent years.


Aluminum decking won’t rot, split, splinter or crack. In addition, it’s lighter and stronger than other options and won’t burn. It also stays cooler in hot weather than other materials. These attributes make aluminum a fantastic deck-building material.